10-day tour around Vietnam country

There are so many places to go and find a perfect holiday, but it is always in the Southeastern part of Asia, where many travelers would like to spend their vacation trips together with their family, friends and loved ones. Why do people choose Asia as their tourist destination? It is because in Asia, there are many things to explore, beautiful and great tourist spots are waiting. Aside from that, you cannot deny the fact that it is in Asia, where you can find the cheapest flight rates and hotel bookings just right for a perfect Vietnam package tour.

One of the most visited countries in the Southeastern part of Asia is Vietnam. Many travelers from around the world are availing packages online for a long vacation tour around Vietnam. A 10-day tour around Vietnam is enough to visit different tourist spots, ideally the beautiful sand and beaches, lakes, fishing villages and ancient towns. Long vacations like this is good enough to explore many things and learn a little bit about the history and historical places in Vietnam.so, let us say that this is not just a plain holiday for fun and excitement, but also an adventure and an intellectual activity.

In a long trip, there are usual routines, such as riding the buses, sleeping on the bus or in the hotel, riding a boat, coming in and out of the hotel, walking along and going to different streets, talking to the people from different villages and towns, eating good and delicious delicacies from Vietnam, shopping for souvenir items and of course, not to forget the most exciting hobby of every traveler around the world and that is taking photos and videos of the unforgettable moments with the family and loved ones.

In a 10-day trip around Vietnam. You can visit round the clock for a day (places worth noting are the museums, independent palaces and tunnels) looking for a Chu Chi tours! Then visit the Muine Beach. Coming from Saigon to Muine takes around 4-5 hours drive, but when you reach the place. You can have the chance to witness the beauty of the Fairy Spring, the sand dune, the fishing farms and the Lotus Lake. The sunset will spice up your romantic moment with your loved ones.

On your third to sixth day, you can spend time in Nha Trang after the Muine visit. Here, you will surely enjoy and have a lot of fun relaxing on the beach, swimming, going to the Mieu Island for snorkeling, visit the fishing villages, have some activities on the Mot Island and visit the Tranh Beach Island.

On your seventh day, you may go to Hoi An and explore the My Son Holy Land with your boat riding and see the sculptures in the Kim Bong village, then proceed to Hue on the ninth day and check out the tombs, Perfume River and the conical hat and incense making villages.

On the last day of the tour, you will need to leave Hue and the trip has ended. It has been a very long vacation, but you need to go back to your usual routines. It has been a great journey, anyway and pretty sure that it will always be remembered.

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