Atkins diet

The very famous  Atkins  or  Atkins diet  is arising after the famous and physician Dr. Atkins during the 1970s. The method is a very good and healthy dieting method that involves the individual to avoid eating simple carbs. One gets the start eating only 20gram / day one there after be cutting down on. The goal of the  Atkins method  is that you will lose weight while varying their  diet methods.


Atkins Diet  allows you who want to lose weight or lose weight effectively eating fatty foods. But foods containing carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, bread and pasta, you should not eat. The factors mentioned contents of a mighty high dose of GI stands for glycemic index value. Besides, it’s just calories, and those you should avoid as much as then.Atkins diet

Dr. Robert Atkins came to the conclusion that reducing carbohydrate intake so should not the brain and nervous system with enough energy and the body is forced to break down fat for energy. While this is happening in the body Ketone bodies are formed in the body (they are formed by starvation) and suppresses appetite.

Eat / not eat during the Atkins?

If you have decided to go on the  Atkins method  you should eat any meat, fish, cheese, eggs, various nuts and oils (eg rapeseed) and other fats. You should also eat vegetables and root vegetables for their vitamin content. However, what you may not eat the things that is the combination of too many carbohydrates. Examples are bread, pasta, potato and rice.

In the beginning it may be difficult to keep the aforementioned things but you should really look over your  dieting methods .After all, you are getting the benefit of this and you should be for the best results, start effectively. Effectively, you start by eating right, exercising right and use the right slimming products. This method is of course for those who will lose weight. So if you really feel like investing you should start right too!

Atkins 4 phases

Atkins  has famously four different phases. These are the induction phase, viktminskninsfasen, middleweight phase and maintenance phase. The phases varjerar for person to person. But the rule of thumb is that you add one week at each phase of  Atkins .

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