GI and GI diet

GI and GI diet is the most popular slimming method now

Of all the weight loss method that abound likely GI to be one of the most talked about and celebrated. Unlike the majority of diets favored in the media in recent years, the effects of GI and to follow the GI diet actually verified and praised even in the medical community, which makes it a very interesting diet. So what does the GI method, and how do we make it for a simple way to implement this type of diet in everyday life?

We come to this page to go through the operation and theory behind GI and explain the GI diet to ascertain how this helps the stakeholder with weight and health.GI diet

What is GI

GI assumes a value called the glycemic index. Glycemic index is a measure that indicates what effect a particular food has on blood sugar. A food with a high glycemic index (GI) consists of simple carbs and provide a level blood sugar level. A food with a low GI thus slow carbohydrates. The purpose of the diet is advocated in the GI method, is to eat foods that are low or relatively low GI. To determine whether a food is high or low GI, there must be a measurement reference and a comparison between the blood sugar curve is affected by different foods. This is very much a premium, and many of those who follow the GI method makes use of the GI tables are available. Apart from the purely chemical constituents in foods is considering a number of other factors in when it comes to determining the GI. In general, you get a lower GI with acid, oily and dense foods.The reason is that they take longer to digest in the stomach and thus provide a slow release of blodsockerhöjare. Sweets and porous dishes generally provide higher GI when such rights are rapidly broken down and goes out of the body. Why foods with a low GI are preferable to those with high we will investigate later in this article.

Insulin Effect on GI

When glucose levels are raised secreted insulin to curb the increase in blood glucose levels. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas, and this hormone has a number of properties which have relevance in the field of GI. The most obvious is that the insulin released signals to muscles and fat in the body to absorb glucose to restore blood glucose levels. This glucose becomes fat and intake of foods with high GI means consequently increased fat in the muscles and existing fat deposits.

GI in practical everyday with GI diet

If you use the GI diet to lose weight, you can basically exclude all foods with a high GI, and also be very strict with those who have a low GI. GI diet is a method of keeping a steady blood sugar curve and escape the fat accumulation. GI is not intended only as diet. To have regular blood sugar levels reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and promote a range of health concerns.Those who train hard may need a larger intake of particularly low GI and in some cases even high GI during the workout when the body does not produce insulin in this situation.

Foods that promote weight loss and regular levels in terms of blood sugar, vegetables and polyunsaturated fats. Avoid root vegetables and cereals to reduce the consumption of high GI.

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