Golf Bag On The Round: Carry Or Pull?

Medical professionals claim wearing the golf bag costs three beats per round. What’s the point with this opinion?

Everyone who has his golf bag knows the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the golf bag across the pitch. The ready-packed bag is quickly ripped out of the car and in the shortest time you are on the first tee.

A golf bag should carry at least your golf clubs, golf balls and accessories for reliable over the golf course. The most modern golf bags can do much more. So there are 100% waterproof golf bags, golf bags where your racket rattle less or not at all, removable accessory pockets, very lightweight models, etc. The market for golf bags has been huge for years and firstly it is important for you to determine which parameters you need with your new golf bag.

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Quickly a few pro seductions and then it can start. The golf bag is thrown over the shoulders and at the sight of the electric trolley pushing golfers on the neighbouring runs a feeling of sportiness through the body. The next advantage immediately follows the first green. Without roles under the golf bag there is no etiquette and the annoying detour at the big green bunkers can save you. With the golf bag on your back you can walk directly over the short-mown.

But the “wrong ambition” might cost one or other blow to the Gulf Coast. Evil tongues claim that two to three additional punches sneak in on the scorecard at the end, only due to wearing.

Wearing the golf bag affects breathing and circulation

Dr. Med. Martin Lauterburg, specialist in orthopedicsurgery, draws attention to the fact that “50 percent of golf injuries affect the spine area” in Golfport magazine Drive. In addition to the stress of the pure golf swing, which “enormous turning, pressure and shear forces can be six to eight times the body weight”, he recommends not to wear the golf bag.

Lauterburg is particularly interested in children in the growing age. The specialist points to studies that indicated that carrying a bag weighing more than ten percent of the body weight would adversely affect respiration, the cardiovascular system, and body posture.

Tips for the golf bag to wear

For these reasons, Dr. Med. Lauterburg advocates the use of a trolley – electrically or not. If, however, players who do not want to do without the worn bag, be sure that the weight is below the 10 percent mark, the carrying strap is symmetrical, and a belt at waist or hip height additionally relieves the spine. Older golfers already suggest Lauterburg to use an electrically operated trolley for their bag. This suggests fatigue symptoms and is therefore not unfavourable for the score.

The use of a carrybag should be restricted to the winter season, to holidays, or to fast evening rounds. In addition, a flat design should be taken to ensure that the weight is close to the center of gravity and the load to be carried is kept as small as possible. The omission of some bats during the leisure round can relieve the body in addition.

In general, if the heart palpation is disturbing the putting or the tee-off after the last climb with carrybag, a trolley is advisable. Especially in tournament rounds, if every hit counts.

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