How To Choose The Best Softball Gloves

In softball, glove plays an important role because it directly affects how you catch the ball. There are many kinds of softball gloves with different specifications for different players and different positions. Choosing the most suitable softball glove is such a complicated process. Below tips will help you to draw some basic rules about how buy a good softball glove.

Think about position of players

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Firstly, it’s fundamental to know exactly which position you are going to play in a softball match. There are many kinds of gloves which are specially designed to match specific position. There are 5 types of gloves for 5 positions: catcher, pitcher, infielder, outfielder and first baseman. Some beginners may not recognize the differences between those kinds of gloves. However, the more experienced you are, the more uncomfortable you could feel if you use wrong glove for you position.

Choose material

Softball gloves are made from 2 main materials: leather and synthetic. Leather gloves are loved by many professional players thanks to its flexibility and comfort. A leather glove could last for a long time if it is taken care properly. However, leather gloves are heavy and expensive. If you are a beginner or just an amateur player and not willing to invest a big amount of money in high-quality leather glove, synthetic glove is a good alternative. Although synthetic gloves can’t be compared with leather ones in term of comfort and durability, they are less heavy and have more affordable price. Therefore, synthetic gloves are favored by younger players.

Choose right size

Size is critical factor when choosing glove because either too large or too tight glove will cause uncomfortable feeling and difficulties when players are catching ball. The fastest and most effective method is referring to a size chart which shows suitable size of glove for each age, position played, types of softball (fastpitch or slowpitch)…

Consider cost

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Softball gloves are sold widely at many physical stores and online storesat variety choices of price. A good glove does require high-quality craftsmanship and it will reflect on the price. Therefore, the cheapest gloves usually don’t come with amazing quality. On the other hand, expensive gloves might be not very necessary if you are not aiming for a professional softball career. Therefore, what you should do is to think carefully of what you really need and your budget in order to choose an affordable glove with acceptable quality.

Read reviews and feedbacks

It’s always good to refer to other’s reviews and feedbacks of the gloves that they have already used. Although there might be some incorrect or biased reviews and the fact that a glove is good or not somehow depends on personal preference, reading others’ opinions could give you some general ideas of a product. Besides, there are some things that you couldn’t know even if you try a glove at a brick-and-mortar store such as durability, so you can only look for answer from the ones who have used it already.

Go to brick-and-mortar store

Last but not least, buying softball gloves through online store without trying it on your hand should be avoided. No matter how many details they are providing on the website, you are unable to know exactly if that glove fits or brings comfort to you when wearing. Visiting a brick-and-mortar store, trying on different products and choosing best fit is the best and safest method.

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