Humidifier For Your Baby: Must- Have!

What is an air humidifier?

Winter is fast approaching, and even if winter rhymes with skiing, snowmen, noel, family and the pleasures of the cold, winter also rhymes with things much less pleasant, such as colds, coughs and chills. If some make a cure of vitamin C in order to boost their immune system, there are also other solutions, such as a best humidifier for baby.

best humidifier for baby

Install an air humidifier for baby in your infant’s room to avoid colds and other respiratory infections, especially if his or her interior is overheated. Our advice to choose it well and our selection.

A humidifier for baby makes it possible to humidify an air that is too dry and to clean the room very simply in order to make the air more pleasant to breathe and less constraining to the organism. It is therefore a perfect tool to accompany you and the baby not only throughout the winter, but also the other seasons.

What about an air humidifier for baby?

This unit combats the dryness of the air by improving the hygrometry thanks to the dispersion of a mist of water in the ambient air.

Which one to choose ?

A cold vapour (ultrasonic) humidifier for baby is preferable. Keep the appliance away from your child.

Some humidifiers for baby allow the addition of essential oils, beneficial. But do not let the device run for more than 10 minutes and never in the presence of your baby.

What are the precautions for use?

Regularly change and clean the water in your humidifier tank. Also think of descaling your device. Finally, do not forget to change the anti-limestone cartridge, approximately every six months.

– Should we continue to ventilate

The humidifier for baby does not replace a daily aeration of the whole house, about ten minutes, on average.

Why use an air humidifier in your baby’s room?

best humidifier for baby

Good question is not it? I’m sure many of you do not know the answer … Am I wrong?

Humidifying the air of the baby’s room helps to limit conjunctivitis, nasal infections (rhino) and bronchitis / bronchiolitis or help to treat them

A humidity (humidity) of 40% is recommended in the nursery to overcome these inconveniences and ensure its well-being.

Thanks to the air humidifier for baby, the respiratory comfort of your baby is assured especially if something’s heating dries out the atmosphere (electric heating for example).

The humidifier for baby provides a healthy environment in winter, while in summer, it can temper temperatures too high.

That’s why installing an air humidifier in the baby’s room can prove to be … useful and indispensable and very often recommended by pediatricians and general practitioners.

Digital Humidifier for baby

Since the beginning of the winter season, as soon as we started to put back the heating in the house (especially at night) and especially as soon as the little ills of the winter began to enter our home.

Three in one: A humidifier, a pilot light and a diffuser of essential oils.

With its built-in hygrometer and thermometer, the digital humidifier for baby allows temperature and humidity control in the ambient air. You can program the humidity at the desired time and choose an automatic setting of 30 to 90% humidity.

A pilot light: Blue or red according to your desires … the pilot operates independently from the humidifier.

A diffuser of essential oils (always good to know before use because many essential oils are contraindicated in the baby and the child) On the top of the humidifier, one finds a small reservoir, easy to fill, easy to clean which allows to diffuse essential oils.

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