LCHF method and LCHF diet

How to lose weight with LCHF method

Dieting and weight loss become highly topical in the spring when more and more want time to recover their ideal weight before the holidays and well-filled beaches. Although it regularly, new diets of various kinds, have LCHF method gained attention in that it is the least controversial in its design. GI method has the most at one time or another heard about when it comes to weight loss and fat reduction. It is not wrong to say that LCHF method is a variant of GI or perhaps more accurately the development of the GI.LCHF diet

LCHF diet and Gi method

When GI method are talking about reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates, ie those with a high GI value, mean LCHF method that will reduce all carbohydrates. This is a small but important difference between them. What distinguishes the two diets, LCHF method and GI method, the next step in LCHF. They claim that not only will reduce the intake of foods with carbohydrates, but also that you should eat a lot of fat. LCHF method stands for Low Carb High Fat, and to increase their intake of fat is an essential part of LCHF method.

Long-chain fats in the diet LCHF

The body needs fat for it to function properly. In many cases, one speaks of LCHF method of long-chain fats like omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids have the body difficult to synthesize yourself why these must be supplied through diet. There are plenty of long-chain fats in meat and fish, which can encourage the followers of LCHF method to consume. However, requires a plentiful supply of antioxidants to curb the negative impact on free radicals polyunsaturated fats can cause. The diet must be handled carefully without any exceptions is important to obtain a clear effect of a LCHF diet.

How does LCHF method

LCHF method is a ketogendiet which means that by nonexistent intake of carbohydrates forces the body to use fat in order to release energy for the body’s various vital functions. At first, the hunger to be a problem for those who go on ketogendieter, but this is different LCHF method from other ketogenic diets. You always get to eat until you are full! However, saturation is not built on carbohydrates without the abundant fat intake. As the fat is broken down slowly it does not affect blood sugar curve to the same extent as simple carbs. This means that you do not get the insulin secretion that otherwise leads to storage of fat in the body. Additionally stimulates fat intake on metabolism and fat burning users of LCHF method to achieve. If you want to see evidence that the ketogenic phase is positive, it can be using tests from the pharmacy to see which ketogennivåer you have in your urine. Although the blood has high content of ketogenkroppar increased, but this is difficult to self-measure.Ketogener are the substances that form when fat is broken down and it is important for the body to have high levels ketogenkroppar in circulation when carbohydrates are reduced drastically.

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