Prenatal Vitamins Can Be Used By Man?

Obviously prenatal vitamins are made for pregnant women and theyuse them to conceive, supplements consist ofessential nutrients and vitamins that might be, to some men, they are helpful. Men can take benefit from multivitamin supplements, but the high levels of certain nutrients contained in organic prenatal vitamins can make issues for the male proportion in population. However, prenatal vitamins can help men with deficiencies ỏ low levels of these nutrients.

Thereby, remember to discuss with your doctor, then make comparison between the benefits and risks when using prenatal vitamins before making decision to use them or not.

Best Prenatal Vitamins


Calcium make bones healthy and strong, an important consideration for women asthey may encounter some risk from osteoporosis.

Calcium is also important for men. Prenatal vitamins usually contain calcium with content from 200 to 300 mg, which helps both men and women to meet the daily intake. Up to the age of 71, a man should at least aim for 1000 mg of calcium from both supplements and food sources every day. After recommended minimum amount should be 71, 1,200 mg per day. However, men who take calcium supplements may also risk their cardiovascular health since calcium supplements are related to cardiovascular disease.


The amount of iron in prenatal vitamins isusually more than it is in other multivitamin supplements as pregnant women need more iron to support her fetus. While each day a men need only about 8 mg of iron, it must be 27 mg for prenatal women. Content of prenatal vitamin in iron is be too high for men and can cause gastrointestinal problems, low blood pressure and liver problems. This could also cause damage to the liver because excess iron will be stored in the liver and can eventually accumulate at toxic levels. People with anemia due to kidney problem, cancer, heart disease or other medical problems may require supplementation of additional iron,a doctor, in these cases may recommend you a prenatal vitamin for help.

Folic acid

Folic acid is essential for pregnant women which helps protect the fetus and prevent them against congenital anomalies of the neural tube. Prenatal vitamins often contain folic acid with content of approximately 1000 mcg, this is the daily amount recommended for pregnant women. A man does not need additional folic acid as they can get enough from food. In fact, extra folic acid can become a dangerous substance for men. A study by the University of Southern Californiaresearchersin 2009 showed that men who take a daily supplement of folic acid encounter risk of prostate cancer as twice as men who do not take this supplement. But some men not taking enough folic acid in their daily diet can be encouraged to take a prenatal vitamin or other supplement of folic acid to fix the problem.

Other considerations

Most men do not need a prenatal vitamin for getting theminerals and vitamins needed for their body. While a prenatal vitamin will usually not cause problems if they use it in a pinch when there is no other vitamins, it is best for men to have a daily multivitamin formulated for all adults or specially designed for men. Men with special health or nutrition problems should talk with doctors about a multivitamin to decide which minerals and vitamins are most necessary and important to their needs.

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