Raw Food Diet – Stone Age Diet

Raw Food Diet and The Stone Age Diet

Effects of stable diet.

When you want to lose weight, there are a number of diets to choose from. These can involve a number of positive effects, but can also have major disadvantages especially if you do not follow the diet correctly without allowing the body to starve. Dieter has not only the effect weight loss even if this is a primary desire of more of the testing range diets in the world.

What is a raw food diet

This is one of the diets which relates to how we lived hundreds of years ago and maybe it’s a result of how our diets failed with fast food and refined sugars. A raw food diet has a number of advantages that part of not only provides weight loss results. To follow a raw food diet, it is important to have a clear idea of what it means. Simplified you can say that a raw food diet is to not eat anything that has been heated above 42.5 C. When food is heated higher than that, you lose a number of important nutrients that would otherwise be part of. Many follow the raw food diet only good for the health, even if you do not want to reduce weight.

Stone Age diet

A diet in a way akin to the raw food diet has been talked about for several years. It is about what is usually found under the name Stone Age diet. This is to go back to a diet imagining been an issue during the Stone Age as the name implies. This means that eating a high proportion of raw food, like how to reason in terms of the raw food diet. They avoid refined foods and occupies large quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids which is considered to promote the body fat composition. In both these forms of diet, the raw food diet / Stone Age diet, deconstructed everything produced or developed by man. It goes back to what nature offers, and take some of the nutrients you get naturally instead of adding them into finished goods.

Raw food diet allows animal foods

While it is easy to associate it with the raw food diet to veganism or vegetarian diet, this is not a truth without exception. It is very good to eat meat and eggs, but these must not have been heated above a temperature of 42.5 C. The raw fish is in Sweden today is not anything unusual, but there are also a variety of meats nor cooked. Serrano ham and Parma are two of these. One advantage of the raw food diet and Stone Age diet is that by eating raw food, is said to retain the microorganisms that would otherwise be lost during cooking. Furthermore, avoid toxins that arise in traditional cooking.

The idea of raw food diet originated around 1897 when a doctor in medicine, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, Zurich opened the clinic Vital Force. This facility operates and treats patients yet.

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