The Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet for healthy weight loss

For many of us, the word diet linked to rapid weight loss. However, this is a simplification of the meaning. Putting on dietary habits and attitudes to food to feel better often means losing weight healthily and in a way that benefits the body, not burden.One of the health or weight-loss methods which received much attention is the Mediterranean diet. Just Mediterranean diet has also been spoken of as the best diet of expert researchers in the field, which meant a major impact. The food included in the Mediterranean diet in addition to mind summer and leave is not anything that reduces the attractiveness of the diet.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet

Support for the Mediterranean diet among doctors

Stephan Rössner is a professor in the Department of Medicine at Karolinska, and has written several books about diets and weight loss. He is an authority in the field, and advocates a Mediterranean diet over many of the other diets that are highlighted in the media. The background to this is that the Mediterranean diet has clear support of science and is easy to follow without much sacrifice. The diet is based on Mediterranean cuisine and includes salad, green, nuts, garlic, olive oil, coarse bread, seafood, fish and partly also dairy products. The diet is naturally sparing with fat and contains all the nutrients we need for everyday life.

No taboo in the Mediterranean diet

Food is not just food. It is also a social and culinary meeting point. In order to stick to a diet, the following diet to have great discipline or the freedom to enjoy! When it comes to the Mediterranean diet is nothing strictly prohibited. You can eat cake when offered and take a glass of red wine in the evening if you so wish. The important thing is, according to Stephan Rössner how to eat long term. Consists every goal of margarine, meat and refined sugars can gain occur. Are these the only element in an otherwise light and healthy diet, there is no major negative effect.

A viable option is the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet works for most people. The diets included in the Mediterranean diet is inherently easy to make and does not require much of the cook. To buy vegetables and feta cheese and then press Tera with nuts and olives are simple.This is one of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet right. One can manage to keep the diet without the efforts of a great extent.

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