Vlcd diet

VLCD diet

To lose weight, there is a very simple recipe. It’s about you burn more calories than you add body. In this way, the body weight reduction without fail. However, it is important to lose weight in a proper way in order to reduce the fat and not other tissues.VLCD diet is a method that is to have a minimum intake of calories, and the name stands for that very low calorie diet.

VLCD diet and ketogener

There are a plethora diets of various kinds, and at the VLCD diet is a form of ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is based on the reduced energy intake, forcing the body to extract energy from fat stores it has stored. It is this great chemical similarities with LCHF diets in that this is also called a ketogenic diet. The difference between the two diets is the method used for breaking down fats to ketone bodies. When fat is broken down, the result ketones. Or ketone bodies, if you will. The ketones may be due to vlcd diet, acetone, acetonoacetat and beta-hydroxybutyrate. Strict chemical names of these are propanone, acetoacetate, 3-hydroxibutanonat.

Why ketogener during vlcd diet

When the body is in starvation is the alternative for a diet with low levels of carbohydrates, particularly need the brain ketone bodies in order to function optimally. This is the body’s own response to cope with the load VLCD diet means. When fat is broken down thus reducing the amount of fat in the body and in the first days of VLCD diet is also a large amount of water coming out the natural way which gives rapid and noticeable reduction albeit temporarily. When the VLCD diet is over, some of accumulations of water once stored in the body. However, reducing this amount related to how much fat you have lost during the VLCD diet.

Eat during the VLCD diet

When one is in a ketogendiet it is extremely important that you get all the vitamins and substances the body needs to survive.In many cases, one speaks of nutritional powders. There are a number of costly powder ingested instead of the traditional and solid diet. With this, one can avoid calories widely. It should be added, however, that during exercise can not build muscle mass when following the VLCD diet. This requires balance or surplus calories.

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