What Is In Good Golf Equipment?

For years, golf has been considered an elitist sport that has been played exclusively by the rich and beautiful of this world. This thinking is long ago overhauled in 2012: Golfing is now present in many social strata; Golfing has become increasingly popular among the general public. This trend has also led to a steadily increasing supply of the right golf equipment and clothing. Now golf bag, towel and Co. are no longer only available in the relevant specialist trade, but also wait in the supermarket to buyers. If you are active on the “Driving Range” for the first time, you can be content with sports shoes, comfortable clothes and rental clubs. After this introductory phase a good golf equipment around a golf clubs set for beginners and golf shoes is essential.

best golf clubs for beginners

The right composition of the golf equipment makes the game easier

Good golf equipment usually includes 14 bats. If you are just entering golfing, you can have a half beats at the beginning. Beginner sets, the wood for strokes over longer distances and knock-offs, iron, which are intended for the game on the “fairway” as well as the putter necessary for the punch, are already partially available for under three hundred euro. It is always advisable that you test a golf club of your choice through pro seductions. Pay particular attention to a coherent shaft length and to the size and inclination of the head, as with a golf club just the shaft length is elementary decisive for a clean swing.

In order to safely transport the golf clubs, the water bottle and possibly the sun protection, they should be packed in a lightweight golf bag. For the beginner, a light nylon boot is certainly a good choice, with a golf bag with an integrated stand considerably simplifying the respective parking. If you do not want to carry heavily, you can secure your golf bag on a so-called trolley or caddy, so you can conveniently carry your luggage behind you.

Gloves are also important items within good golf equipment. Mostly gloves made of fabric or leather are worn on the left hand (in the case of a right-handed person) in order to provide appropriate grip. As a beginner, gloves are eminently important to prevent blisters during exercise on the driving rage. A replacement glove always belongs to your golf bag.

Shirt or polo collar are part of the etiquette around golfing

best golf bag

When you celebrate your first tee-offs, you only need good-fitting sports shoes with a proper profile. As soon as you take your first steps on the lawn, you should include comfortable and well-fitting golf shoes for your golf equipment. You can choose golf shoes with spikes, which significantly reduce the risk of skidding and support a safe stand. If you opt for golf shoes with the non-metallic softspikes, you can also spare the respective base. When selecting your clothing, you should always pay attention to the iron basic rules, which apply to wearing shirt or polo collar at all Germany’s golf courses.

You cannot have enough golf balls just as a beginner. In the beginning, you will sink a lot of golf balls in the water or lose it in the woods, so you should be satisfied with second-hand balls or inexpensive lakeballs when you enter the golf course. It is important, however, that you do not change the golf balls too often, so that you can set the appropriate rolling and flying characteristics explicitly.

Whether it is sunshine or short-term showers – it is always recommended to bring a golf umbrella with you. As a rule, a sturdily constructed golf umbrella is larger or more voluminous than a normal umbrella. You should also keep a towel that you can attach to your golf bag. The rags are then cleaned with the towel. In principle, you should place a high value on the composition of your golf equipment, as the quality of your equipment becomes more and more important as your playing strength increases.

The value of a golf equipment should therefore be well insured in case of theft so that the costs are replaced. At the same time the most unavoidable expenses for the golfer for a can hole-in-one will be replaced by the insurance in the amount of 1000 Euro.

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