What kind of laundry detergent to use for babies

Why use a sensitive detergent?

Persons with detergent allergy and parents with babies need a particularly skin-friendly detergent for cleaning textiles. The special sensitive products from the test do not use aggressive ingredients and are optimally adapted to the needs of sensitive skin.

Which kind of laundry detergentto use for babies?

Best Baby Laundry Detergents

Anyone who has babies or small children will be faced with special challenges when washing. On one hand, a is washing powder with enough detergency needed thus coarse impurities such as bits of food or sauce stains can be removed completely. On the other hand the need detergent but as gently as possible to be suitable for sensitive skin and so any residues in the fabrics do not cause skin irritation in the baby.

The question of which baby detergent is most suitable, therefore, concerns many parents. Good baby detergent dispense with the production on the use of enzymes, dyes and preservatives additives. In addition, the product should be fragrance-free and phosphate-free be. If the washing powder is sufficiently gentle to the skin, then it can be used as laundry detergent for baby clothes, baby bed covers or also baby cuddly animals.

Tips for washing baby clothes

Best Baby Laundry Detergents

Pre-treatment gross impurities

Rough spots are best treated. In this way, the laundry can then be washed clean and clean without great effort or aggressive detergents.

On softener dispense

On softener should the washing of children’s clothes are completely dispensed with, since these products are due to the high levels of perfume for sensitive children’s skin are usually incompatible.

Cleaning after purchase

From the very first to be washed several times because pollutants and chemicals from textiles. Manufacture of children not only through the skin, special could potentially be absorbed through the mucous membranes. Not infrequently, babies and toddlers munch around their clothes.

The products from the baby detergent test are ideally suited to the needs of sensitive children’s skin and ensure clean textiles without any health effects.

Detergents for allergic persons

A detergent allergy usually does not trigger allergic reactions by short contact with the washing powder itself, but rather due to detergent residues in textiles, which are then worn over the body for an extended period of time. Certain ingredients such as soaps, surfactants or fragrances can trigger in affected persons skin irritations, rashes and eczema. In rare cases, even airflow irritation may occur. Although there are no specific studies on the exact causes, should especially those with eczema, psoriasis or other dermatitis diseases to be careful in the choice of detergent for allergy sufferers and have recourse only to specific sensitive products.

The question of which detergent is to be used in allergies therefore deals with many affected persons. Above all, optical brighteners and perfumes may be responsible for allergic reactions. By using dermatologically tested detergent without aggressive ingredients the risk for allergy sufferers can be significantly reduced. When choosing a hypoallergenic detergent should also on official recommendations of organizations such as the DAAB (German Allergy and Asthma Association) and the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research) are respected.

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